How To Add and Remove The Application

Adding The Application

In order to add the Sellect Zoom SDK application you will need to become a paying subscriber of our application and services. Sellect is an application that serves sales organizations and is not a consumer application. If you are interested in learning about our application please go here and Request a Demo

Once you are a paid subscriber, you can connect your Google Calendar to our application. Any Calendar events that match your filters and that use Zoom as the meeting video conference application will be automatically recorded by our Zoom recorder bot, Notetaker. Similarly, when you cancel or change meetings the Zoom Notetaker bot will not attend or record those meetings.

No software will be installed on your computer - this includes Zoom. Our application controls the Zoom recorder programmatically.

Removing The Application

You do not need to remove the application. If your subscription expires or is canceled, your scheduled meetings will not be recorded by our Zoom Notetaker